The resources section of our site is where we will be sharing all the essentials for authentic lifestyle.

We will share the Nutrition Basics of what foods we think are optimal for any human to be healthy and happy and what tweaks you can make if you want to be strictly Paleo, primal, WAPF or how you can tailor what you eat if you know more about your ancestry.

If you are eating a nutrient dense diet free from toxins then you will most likely be cooking from scratch at home more. We have some tried and tested methods for creating restaurant quality meals at home that are both delicious and nutritious and will share these with you. In addition we will be writing about the best cookware (we’ve investigated them all!), kitchen utensils, spices and a range of other cooking and kitchen topics. we will also be sharing how to make food fun for the little ones in your home. We have a six year old and are trying to have her be comfortable in the kitchen and make preparing and eating food a fun part of her day.

Finally, we have done a great deal of reading over the past five years to understand more about how our bodies work, how to nourish them, how to heal them and how to find what works best for us as a family based on our own bio-individuality and ancestry. We started with low-carb, progressed to Paleo/Primal and for various reasons which we will share more about over time started incorporating more of the Weston A. Price philosphy but still remaining gluten/grain free. We have listed our favorite books, key concept materials and will add to our growing list of blogs we refer to.