Candice Stone is a CHEK certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach with continuing education in Nutritional Therapy.

My passionate interest in nutrition and holistic health has been a five year journey that started with getting blood work that showed high cholesterol and trying to figure out whether it was something I should worry about or not (it isn’t).  Around that time my husband Gavin was diagnosed with Autosommal Dominant Optic Atrophy and soon after our daughter was born – we started questioning what we were being told about what we were eating and what we should do to address health concerns. Our eyes were opened to the flaws in mainstream medicine and the gaping holes in the typical way of eating. We started on the road to an organic, natural and toxin-free (as much as is possible) lifestyle and began to explore alternative to our regular primary care physician and pediatrician for health advice.

Through the years I have struggled with my weight and have tried many different diets – some more successful but all with only short term results. On our journey over the past five years I have learned that ‘diets’ are by their very nature only a short term fix.

My nutritional choices had been largely determined by efforts to lose weight from crazy cleanses to Weight Watchers to low carb. While trying to understand the cholesterol issue I found Primal and Paleo which we started to implement. Despite eating pretty clean I started to experience a different set of issues which led me to continue exploring different nutritional and lifestyle approaches.

I believe in bio-individuality and that one size does not fit all when it comes to nutritional choices. Over time I have come to realize that to define what makes an authentic human is very complex. We are all alike in fundamental ways but then so different – our epigenetics, our microbiome and perhaps some yet undiscovered factors affect our health and vitality.

I am passionate about adopting an approach to health and wellbeing that focuses on a sound nutritional foundation supplemented where necessary. Such supplementation could include specific micronutrients and naturopathic medicine.

The next part of my journey is to support others who are adopting an approach to health and wellbeing that focuses on a sound nutritional foundation and a holistic, integrative approach to health and healing. Those who want to but don’t know how to begin. I believe Nutritional Therapy and a Holistic Lifestyle are fundamental in helping people heal from conditions that compromise their quality of life, vitality and longevity. I can provide guidance and fast track advice to those making the switch from a Standard American Diet to a more nutritionally sound way of eating. Paleo/Primal is a good starting point but from there individual adjustments should be made to account for ancestry, specific health issues or individual needs.

As a holistic nutrition coach, I work with my clients to assess nutrient status and digestive health and then identify possible deficiencies and imbalances that might be implicated in health conditions of lack of vitality. When it comes to dealing with health conditions the solution is there to be found but sometimes takes a little more digging and research. Conditions such as pre-diabetes, food allergies and sensitivities, autoimmune disorders like Celiac Disease, fibromyalgia eczema/psoriasis, arthritis and PCOS can all be helped with nutritional therapy and lifestyle changes.

Gavin Stone is a self taught chef and the Director of Marketing at Edico Genome

I’ve never had formal training, and I’ve never worked in a restaurant but I do know my way around the kitchen so to speak. Despite having no formal training, my enjoyment of cooking and passion for creating flavorful meals has meant that I have gained the reputation of always serving delicious food! My family and friends have called me the best chef in the West and my wife says she would rather eat at home than at any of the finest restaurants we have tried – even the ones that serve organic, grass fed and natural foods.

I love to share how easy it is to make crowd-pleasing food using fresh, whole natural ingredients and simple techniques. Cooking from scratch should not be intimidating because with a few simple skills you can be confident enough to relax and enjoy yourself in the kitchen using recipes or inventing your own creations.

My other passion is my work at Edico Genome. At Edico we are revolutionizing genome sequencing by making it significantly faster, much less expensive and more accurate to sequence a genome. This is so important in helping us to understand our nature as humans on a fundamental physical level – essentially what is authentically human. The more genomes that are sequenced the more rapid the pace of learning that can lead to understanding what causes dysfunction and disease and how we can address this with personalized treatment plans. We will have data-driven insights tailored to the individual.

Cailin Stone is a budding nutritionist and chef helping her mom and dad out in the kitchen

The littlest Stone just turned 8 … going on 18!  Cailin has always been the kid at school who doesn’t eat the pop-tarts and luminous green party cupcakes and she has been a trouper!  As a parent it is easy to go on and on about how amazing your child is but really hard to sum it up in a paragraph so you can just get to know her as we go along.  With the little humans – it’s all just possibility – it’s becoming – and my joy each day is to see that unfolding.