What we think in a nutrshell

Be human, but be an authentic human! Be authentic in thought and deed.

Humans are not dysfunctional by default. Each of us comes from a long line of survivors and thrivers – let’s keep it going.

Your ancestry counts – acknowledge it and let it guide your choices.

You really are what you eat – food provides the raw materials for building and rebuilding your body, for your thoughts and emotions, your hormones, your immune system.

Food must be real, whole and nutrient dense.

Consider calories, don’t count them. The root of the word diet is DIE – never diet! Standard is never optimal – ignore the associations and agencies!

We really all were born to run, just not for hours, on a treadmill, at a gym. A functional human is an energetic human – you will want to move your body. Do it outside.

There is a difference between living and being truly alive.    Humans cannot thrive in a toxic environment. Find what is toxic to you and remove it – this could be chemical toxins in your home or office or an environment that sucks the life out of you.

Tune out the marketing messages, stop listening to the gurus and silence the social media maelstrom long enough to find the expert within you. What would you choose if you ignored the expected – how would you live, eat, work, move?

If you feel like something is broken – it probably is – don’t rest until you find the cause and fix it.   A band-aid on a symptom is never the way to true healing.  Nutrition and detoxification are the foundation of true healing – build on that with holistic complementary therapies.

Sometimes it’s as simple as hydration – sometimes it isn’t simple but it can always be fixed or improved.

Humans are never finished – until we die.  Grow, learn, iterate, optimize – reboot if you need to.

Embrace being a 21st century human – use technology where it is helpful but know when it is not.  Be in control – don’t let it control you.

There is a circle of life so be an authentic parent and citizen of the earth. There is no greater role.

Start today! Start creating your authentic self!