Functional Food Friday: Beef Bone Broth, Bouillon and Tallow

We’re back with the second in our series -Functional Food Friday – with our friend and trainer Naudi over at Functional Patterns.  Since Naudi is a Holistic Movement Practitioner and Trainer he often gets clients coming to him to help them with joint pain or injury. We felt the most Functional Foods for joint and tendon therapy would be slow cooked bone-in meats and bone broth. Last week we cooked up some Continue Reading →


Getting Maximum Value From Your Beef

We love meat – we really love lamb and beef. We used to eat mainly steak (Hmmm – a good ribeye!) and roasts and Gavin loves turn a good slab of London Broil into Biltong, which is a South African dried meat akin to jerky. We had not really thought beyond that when it came to use use of beef – that is until we read Deep Nutrition. In Deep Nutrition Dr Cate Shanahan identifies the ...

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