Functional Food Friday: Lamb Wraps with Smoky Aioli

We typically buy our lamb from Costco. The lamb is sourced from New Zealand and the cut we get is a boneless leg. This is a big cut which is usually more than our family of three can typically eat in a meal so we always have leftovers. One way we eat the leftovers is crispy fried but another favorite is in stir fry served on Napa cabbage leaves with a homemade Smoky Aioli.

This week we make use of the braised lamb from last week’s video in a quick and easy stir fry.

Aioli is a traditional Provençal mayonnaise-like sauce flavored with garlic. For our Smoky Aioli we use our homemade mayonnaise as a base and add olive oil, stoneground mustard, salt, paprika and Everyday Seasoning.

How to make the homemade mayonnaise.
Learn more about our choice of ceramic cookware.


About the Author:

Candice is a certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach living in sunny San Diego, California with her husband and seven year old daughter. She is passionate about nutrition and holistic health and sharing what she has learned and continues to learn with others who want to achieve health and vitality.
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