Functional Food Friday: How To Make Paella

When we are in Cabo San Lucas, since we have access to seafood caught daily from the local waters we do eat more fish, shrimp and scallops. While we really enjoy a good fish BBQ, it is nice to add some variety to our methods of preparation. Paella is a versatile rice dish that can be made with a variety or seafood, chicken and sausage. We used our shrimp and scallops and added some chorizo for an extra kick of flavor.

The use of chicken stock increases the nutrient density of the dish and enhances the flavors.

If you’re a purist then you should make your Paella with just the seafood as we were informed by our Spanish Guests in Cabo and it would be better to use a fish stock rather than a chicken stock as your liquid. Our Spanish guests did however enjoy our version.

For an authentic paella you should include Saffron, however, since Saffron can be expensive and sometimes difficult to find you can do without it. If you can get it though it does give paella it’s unique flavor and subtle yellow color.

Watch how we created our Cabo San Lucas-Style Paella:


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